“piano piano”

Much of our lives are lived at a frenetic pace. We run around the garden trying to catch a whiff of all the roses and it can be glorious… or insane. A Little village in Abruzzo has taught me something new… they call it “piano piano”.

What does “piano piano” mean to me? Well, it means that what needs to get done will get done and pushing or forcing it won’t help. It will happen in a timely manner, when I need it completed it will be there waiting for me. But it is so much more.

This mantra is shared with a smile by everyone I meet. As I struggle to improve my language skills they assure me “p-p” and give me encouragement to keep up the good work. If I find I don’t have the proper document to buy a car, just “piano piano” and get the document, no stress necessary.

So what do I love so much about this concept, this lifestyle? I love that wherever I walk people meet your gaze and offer a good morning or hello. Strangers = friendly, how can this be? They don’t know me, but truly they feel we are all citizens of the same planet and it would be rude to not greet a passerby on the street. This is Abruzzo.

I love that food is eaten in its season. Fresh vibrant foods that scream “eat me now!” and are from the local garden or small farm. It means I don’t get fresh grapes from Chile at odd times of the year, but delicious local fruit in summer and fall. That I really do have to wash things… but not to get the pesticides off, just the fresh dirt from when those carrots were pulled out of the ground this morning.

It means that the olive oil I can beg from a neighbor is from their own press. They will share with me, refuse any money, but will accept my offer to speak English with their grandchildren to help sharpen their skills.

Come share our little corner of the world where time seems to have paused, taken a breath, and you can live like a true Italian, maybe taking a little of the “piano piano” home with you.

Remember “piano piano”and it will unfold in its own time.

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