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The Abruzzo Region

Shhhhhh… can you keep a secret?
OK, then I can tell you about our Peligna Valley in Abruzzi… but please keep it a secret just between us: this is a hidden gem filled with the local citizens who want to share with you their real Italian way of life. We are located just 30 minutes from the pristine beaches of the Adriatic, about 100 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Rome and surrounded by some of the most majestic mountains with the 2nd best skiing in Italy (OK, so the Alps are better, we admit it!)

When you want to relax, we have it! Feeling energetic, we have mountain trails. See an opera or movie or swim in an Olympic size pool, wiggle your toes in the sand, we have it! Love to cook? Drink wine? Abruzzi is known for its Montepulciano wine grapes, amazing cheeses and local meats, olive oil that is unparalleled, fresh vegetables and fruits are abbondante! How about a cooking class? Prefer first class restaurants, no problem. Fresh bread from the bakery every day, vegetables that taste like what you remember…

This is your chance to “LIVE THE ITALIAN LIFE” and without spending your family fortune or feeling like you have been dragged around or rushed by a tour guide. Relax. Enjoy. Savor. Come stay with us, we will show you how.

Yours truly - The Rent-Abruzzo Team

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